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05 April 2018 / / Events
Can inventing be taught or is it in your genes? The perennial question that hounds a lot of us. G. Altshuller and his colleagues set out to prove that the art of inventing could be taught. So what's up in the world of inventing and invention after they set out with this job? What are some of the hot trends in this field? Here is a great opportunity for you to find out.
20 September 2017 / / Tools
16 August 2017 / / Tools
07 June 2017 / / Tools
05 April 2014 / / JusTRIZin
I am a parent with 2 kids and I am finding it difficult to control the amount of non-school time they are spending on the internet and digital mobile games. This I am concerned with considering the effects of such engagement on the kids holistic development and well being (body, mind and social development). We (me and my friend Bala) are applying ARIZ 85 C core algorithm of TRIZ to find the right level of problem to attack and find not-so-obvious solutions, and subsequently identify system, and sub-systems to build.
08 November 2012 / / Podcasts / Videos
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay8eSNrp9I4&w=560&h=315] From our last podcast discussing a few trends from TRIZ portfolio system evolution, we are continuing this time with a few more trends and an evolution from podcast to video. Only thing we probably missed was using the full size Casio keyboard that was right next to us for some extra sound effects. Hope you enjoy it.