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25 November 2011 / / Podcasts
Image Courtesy: triz.co.uk What is TRIZ? What does it take to start learning TRIZ and master the method? Listen to 3 people – Dr. Ellen Domb, Prakasan Kappoth and Bala Ramadurai, talk about the basics of the method. http://www.trizindia.org Listen to the podcast here
07 October 2011 / / Podcasts
A special podcast from TRIZ India on constraints. Mirza Faizan, an entrepreneur based out of Bangalore, India, shares his experience on the kind of constraints he faced and is currently facing. He describes his aerospace invention in detail and how his prototype can save lives not in the air, but right here on terra firma. In the process, Faizan also gives out advice to budding entrepreneurs. http://www.avembsys.com is the link to Faizan’s company.