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05 April 2018 / / Events
Can inventing be taught or is it in your genes? The perennial question that hounds a lot of us. G. Altshuller and his colleagues set out to prove that the art of inventing could be taught. So what's up in the world of inventing and invention after they set out with this job? What are some of the hot trends in this field? Here is a great opportunity for you to find out.
08 November 2012 / / Podcasts / Videos
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay8eSNrp9I4&w=560&h=315] From our last podcast discussing a few trends from TRIZ portfolio system evolution, we are continuing this time with a few more trends and an evolution from podcast to video. Only thing we probably missed was using the full size Casio keyboard that was right next to us for some extra sound effects. Hope you enjoy it.
13 October 2012 / / Podcasts
_Image Courtesy: http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/40/6f/art,ball,black,and,white,crystal,light,planet-406f5e2182df35968727c56552e97dc6_h.jpg_ 3 innovation facilitators – Murali Loganathan, Prakasan Kappoth and Bala Ramadurai discuss about the laws of technology evolution. http://trizindia.org/profiles/blogs/8-triz-evolution-trends-applied-to-mobile This is the link to the original blog post of the podcast. Also check out this link to the Corning Gorilla Glass story –¬†http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/09/ff-corning-gorilla-glass/3/ Listen to the podcast here
10 December 2011 / / Podcasts
TRIZ podcast series Become a member at TRIZIndia.org for FREE to connect with the world’s experts on inventive problem solving [youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=l9d0398v4yY] Bala Ramadurai, Innovation Facilitator, MindTree Shankar Venugopal, Innovation Leader, Honeywell, emerging markets Murali Loganathan, 4 years TRIZ practitioner, across industries in MindTree Podcast series in TRIZ tools This is the 1st podcast on Ideal Final Result Father of TRIZ – Altshuller value addition linked to Ideal Final Result (IFR)
08 December 2011 / / Podcasts
Image Courtesy:http://vi.sualize.us/view/a172a30347ffa67544455ec0669a6f7e/ Dr. Ellen Domb, Prakasan Kappoth, Murali Loganathan and Bala Ramadurai discuss the finer aspects of TRIZ. A continuation from http://www.archive.org/details/WhatInTheWorldIsTrizPart1. The participants discuss about system evolution, system operators, creative problem solving, internal vs external consultant. . http://www.trizindia.org Listen to the podcast here
25 November 2011 / / Podcasts
Image Courtesy: triz.co.uk What is TRIZ? What does it take to start learning TRIZ and master the method? Listen to 3 people – Dr. Ellen Domb, Prakasan Kappoth and Bala Ramadurai, talk about the basics of the method. http://www.trizindia.org Listen to the podcast here
07 October 2011 / / Podcasts
A special podcast from TRIZ India on constraints. Mirza Faizan, an entrepreneur based out of Bangalore, India, shares his experience on the kind of constraints he faced and is currently facing. He describes his aerospace invention in detail and how his prototype can save lives not in the air, but right here on terra firma. In the process, Faizan also gives out advice to budding entrepreneurs. http://www.avembsys.com is the link to Faizan’s company.
20 September 2011 / / Podcasts
Can you get ideas by eliminating important elements from your system? What is an engineless car? What is a teacher-less classroom? Aggressive elimination of components from a system can change the markets a business caters to. Sugata Mitra’s TED talk TRIZ India Podcast #5
16 August 2011 / / Podcasts
Resources thinking is the trick of being very smart and only using means that don’t cost anything. The conventional way to solve problems is to throw money at it, but resources thinking is about finding free or very cheap ways to solve problems. The protagonists in “Shawshank Redemption” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” actually use resources to escape out of prison. Murali Loganathan and Bala Ramadurai describe resources in this 4th podcast of TRIZ India.
01 August 2011 / / Podcasts
        Triz India Podcast 9 windows Bala Ramadurai, Murali Loganathan, Prakasan Kappoth and Shankar Venugopal discuss “thinking out of the box” and “big picture thinking” citing examples of BMW, software development, dispensing cash on the third podcast of the series.
01 August 2011 / / Podcasts
TRIZ India Podcast Metaphor Intrigued? Listen to the podcast to find neat tips and tricks to generate ideas based on metaphors. 4 innovation facilitators, Murali Loganathan, Shankar Venugopal, Prakasan Kappoth and Bala Ramadurai, use a pencil as a metaphor to generate ideas to solve a worldwide problem.