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10 December 2011 / / Podcasts
TRIZ podcast series Become a member at TRIZIndia.org for FREE to connect with the world’s experts on inventive problem solving [youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=l9d0398v4yY] Bala Ramadurai, Innovation Facilitator, MindTree Shankar Venugopal, Innovation Leader, Honeywell, emerging markets Murali Loganathan, 4 years TRIZ practitioner, across industries in MindTree Podcast series in TRIZ tools This is the 1st podcast on Ideal Final Result Father of TRIZ – Altshuller value addition linked to Ideal Final Result (IFR)
01 August 2011 / / Podcasts
TRIZ India Podcast IFR Murali Loganathan, Shankar Venugopal and Bala Ramadurai, innovation facilitators from MindTree Ltd and Honeywell, engaged in a discussion on Ideal Final Result, a tool from the TRIZ toolkit. This is part of trizindia.org, a network of TRIZ enthusiasts and experts.