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05 April 2018 / / Events
Can inventing be taught or is it in your genes? The perennial question that hounds a lot of us. G. Altshuller and his colleagues set out to prove that the art of inventing could be taught. So what's up in the world of inventing and invention after they set out with this job? What are some of the hot trends in this field? Here is a great opportunity for you to find out.
21 March 2014 / / Events
Set in the picturesque GE Bangalore campus had some interesting pick of speakers. Thanks to GE for being a great host. Peter from Reliance was hyper selective with his picks with just the contradiction and principles as the approach and I liked what worked in teams from his experiments. Of course he hit the mark with India being a country of contradictions. Sergei shared some interesting roi numbers and gave clear idea of Triz evolution.