Welcome – 500th Member

Dear All TRIZINdian friends


I too welcome the 500th Member to this group.

One suggestion:

When you are recording the audio for publishing in the site, let the participant prepare the write up and read from it. Otherwise lot of extra noise (like yea.. ) arises and the user will not be able to grasp the content.


Best Regards


                  Mindset Solutions India

        S   M   S  I

SHARP Software Development India

Unit 5, Level 3 Innovator, ITPB, ITPL

Whitefield Road  Bangalore  560066

28410645 380 (LL) 28410649(FAX)


P Please don’t print this email unless you really need to. This will preserve trees on our planet. b_“_Use bicycle Stay Fit and Save Environments_“_ 

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