TRIZ – key learning resources

Are you new to TRIZ – are you wondering where to begin – here are a few resources that you could look at:

TRIZ Books

Altshuller, Genrich (1973). Innovation Algorithm. Worcester, MA: Technical Innovation Center. ISBN 0-9640740-2-8.

Altshuller, Genrich (1984). Creativity as an Exact Science. New York, NY: Gordon & Breach. ISBN 0-677-21230-5.

Altshuller, Genrich (1994). And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared. translated by Lev Shulyak. Worcester, MA: Technical Innovation Center. ISBN 0-9640740-1-X.

TRIZ Journal : – excellent articles – archives from 1996 available

TRIZ Opensource: – Excellent collection of TRIZ problem solving illustrations & case studies, eBooks – free downloads

Other TRIZ Resources

The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies

TRIZ site –

TRIZ-learning platform – good collection of examples of the 40 Inventive principles

TRIZ Overview articles:,

If you have come across other useful resources, please share the info with our community.

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