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30 January 2014 / / Justrizin
Image Courtesy: triz.co.uk What is TRIZ? What does it take to start learning TRIZ and master the method? Listen to 3 people – Dr. Ellen Domb, Prakasan Kappoth and Bala Ramadurai, talk about the basics of the method. http://www.trizindia.org Listen to the podcast here
06 August 2011 / / Podcasts
TRIZ India podcast #3 – 9-Windows Posted by Bala Ramadurai on August 6, 2011 at 6:45am Bala Ramadurai, Murali Loganathan, Prakasan Kappoth and Shankar Venugopal discuss “thinking out of the box” and “big picture thinking” citing examples of BMW, software development, dispensing cash on the third podcast of the series.