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08 November / Podcasts / Videos
[youtube] From our last podcast discussing a few trends from TRIZ portfolio system evolution, we are continuing this time with a few more trends and an evolution from podcast to video. Only thing we probably missed was using the full size Casio keyboard that was right next to us for some extra sound effects. Hope you enjoy it.
06 August / Justrizin / Videos
Bala Ramadurai, Murali Loganathan, Prakasan Kappoth and Shankar Venugopal discuss “thinking out of the box” and “big picture thinking” citing examples of BMW, software development, dispensing cash on the third podcast of the series.
04 July / Justrizin / Videos
The inside story of TRIZ India podcast was published by Ellen Domb in her commentary.  “Podcast was one of those ideas which came to me when I was stuck in Bangalore traffic and I thought this is the best resource to listen to podcasts. So, I listened to Getting Things Done podcasts streaming from my cellphone to the car stereo. One fine day, it hit me that TRIZ should have a podcast of our own.